I help people start and grow their coaching businesses

If you want to start or grow your coachingbusiness, you have come to the right place.
I have created a process that will make your sucsess inevitable!
By creating your own coaching business you can create An Extraordinary Life - And I will help you do just that!

In my 6 months program An Extraordinary Coach you will learn:
- How to know what to coach on.
- How to create your offer and price.
- How to get clients through Organic Marketing.
- How to work through anything that might want to hold you back.


"I hired Anna when I felt that I really wanted to go all in with my coaching business. And wow! I was really not disappointed.
Anna is calm, recognizing, cheering on, methodical and shore about her self. An unbeatable combination!
With Anna's help, I got both more consultations and clients. She has cheered me on and helped me enormously and I will be bringing insights with me for the rest of my career.I warmly recommend Anna!
I will be hiring her again!"

"I went from an idea to actually starting my own journey with coaching.
Anna's 6-month program has taught me everything from how to reach out on social media to actually getting my first paying clients. Amazing!
I am SO happy I invested in Anna's coaching program!"

"Anna has an amazing ability to be both listening, motivating and give a push when it's needed.
She is the best coach I have worked with. Totally worth the investment in myself and FOR myself.
Now I have everything I need to take my coaching business to the next level! Thank you Anna!"