There are 2 ways you can work with me.

Weekly 1:1 coaching or a Onetime Coaching Boost.

I work with women who wants to take control of their lives.

I will help you define your goals and reach them. Working with me will help you see that you have the ability to make your dreams come true!

 Together we will close the gap between where you are today and the life you dream of having!

 Working with we will help you clarify your goals and dreams, discover what has been holding you back and how you can get the results you want.  You will learn to master your mind and be able to get the results you want, in any area of your life!


How to get Coached


I offer Coaching online which makes it possible for you to work with me wherever you are in the world! Coaching sessions can be done with Video call, Voice call or Chat – Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Want to get coaching in person? I have my office in Varberg, Sweden and if you want to meet up for a coaching session – just let me know and we will work that out.

Coaching Options


6 Months Coaching Program

Join my 6 Months exclusive Coaching Program ”An Extraordinary Life” where we work together to get you the results you want!
I will teach you how to master your mind and create the results you want, in any area of your life!
We will also go deep to identify limiting believes, setting clear goals and a vison for the life you want to have, and then find the way to get there!

In this program you will be provided with lots of personalized tools and exercises to become the woman you want to be and live An Extraordinary Life!

We meet online once a week for 1-hour sessions. The investment you make is $400/month or a onetime payment of $2000

Have any questions? Book a free consultation today


Onetime Coaching Boost!

Not ready to make a weekly commitment to coaching? Then book this onetime Coaching Boost!

We will spend 2 hours together, setting goals, learning the basics of the thought framework I teach and figure out what has been blocking you in the past to achieve your goals and creating the life you want to have.

This is a great option if you want a kickstart on creating a life you love!

The investment you make is $297


Free Consultation

Book a Free Consultation call today to see if coaching is for you and find out if we are a good fit! Take the leap and get one step closer to living the life of your dreams!


Contact me

Book a Free Consultation or contact me with any questions you might have by sending an e-mail to;

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