A frozen Christmas Day

Here’s the thing – I miss blogging!
I miss sharing our everyday life with you guys.
Ever since I started to use Instagram Stories more, blogging have been set to the side and only been used for my Life Coaching work.  

I love sharing helpful tips and thoughts about coaching but I also love giving you a glimpse into the life we have created here.

So thats what I will do today!
I will take you with me on a beautiful Christmas Day walk with some friends.

Here we go!

On Christmas Day we woke up to a frozen world.
It was sunny, beautiful, cold and begging us to go out and enjoy it.

Since we celebrate Christmas on the 24th here in Sweden, we were already done with that so we decided to meet up with some friends and go for a walk. 

We drove to this beautiful nature walk area and followed the trail.

The kids were super exited about all the ice!

And who can blame them? So beautiful!

We stopped for some hot chocolate and guess what?! We spotted a big herd of mooses!

It was so nice to get to hang out with friends in a safe way outside and the world does get a bit more magical when a layer of frost covers it.

And this girl, she makes the world a more magical place as well <3

After our walk we went home, built with Legos, made some science experiments and later we were invited to dinner at David’s parents house.

All in all – a lovely Christmas Day!  

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