Asking yourself the right kind of questions will change your life!

We have about 60 000 thoughts going through our minds every single day.

That’s a lot!

Now, if we want to create the results we want we will need to be aware of what thoughts we give permission to hang around and what thoughts we need to kick out.

One way of doing this is to ask ourselves great questions.

If you run into a problem, your unsupervised brain will most likely respond with thoughts like “This is impossible to solve” “I don’t know how to handle this”.

What you need to do when you find yourself asking those kind of negative questions, is to switch them out for positively loaded questions instead.An example of that might sound like this “How can I solve this?” “How can I learn how to deal with this problem?”Can you see the difference?

Your brain is wired for efficiency, so asking yourself empowering questions will help your brain to find the answers to your problem.

When there´s something that you want to create more of in your life, think of an empowering question to ask yourself about that and then put your brain to work at it!

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