You are in control of your results!

Remember when I talked about how our thoughts are creating the feelings we have? (If you’ve missed it, make sure to go back and check it out here.)

Today I want to take it further and explain how our thoughts are what creates the results we get.

So, we have established that we can control what we feel by choosing what thoughts we are having about our circumstances.

But how is that connected to the results we see in our lives?

This is how.

When we feel a certain way about a circumstance, we will take certain actions. If we feel a different way about that same circumstance, we will take different actions.

Let me give you an example.
Say your circumstance is that you have a husband.

The thoughts you are having about you husband is that he is a good husband, he is loving, caring and fun to be around.

These thoughts will cause the feelings of love, gratitude and joy.

These feelings will cause you to take actions like creating time for just the two of you, date nights, late night talks and spending time together in different ways.

Those actions will create the result of a happy and healthy marriage.
Now imagine you having a different set of thoughts about your husband.

Say the thoughts you have about him is that he doesn’t care about you, he is self-centered and boring.

Now those thoughts will create a whole different set of feelings, right?

You would probably now be feeling unhappy, sad and hopeless.

Those feelings would cause you to take actions like wanting to spend time apart, finding joy elsewhere, connecting with other people instead of your husband and arguing with him a lot.

Those actions would get you the results of an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.
Can you see the connection between how what you choose to think about a circumstance creates the results you have?
You might be thinking, Well Anna, you see, my husband actually doesn’t care, he is self-centered and boring.
How can I possibly think differently about him when that is the truth?

Let me show you in an upcoming post how to change your thoughts about him anyway – it’s absolutely possible!
Stay tuned ♡

Extra note: I am in now way saying that making a marriage work is only up to one person.

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