How we created the life of our dreams!

Today I want to tell you the story about how we created the life of our dreams. You see, we didn’t always live in this amazing house close to the sea. Before we moved here we lived in an apartment in a city none of us really liked living in. Let me tell you how we change all of that into the life we always dreamed of.

For about eight years me and my husband had been talking about moving from the city we lived in to live by the sea on the Swedish west coast.

We wanted it, but we were scared to actually make the move.

We asked ourselves if we would get new jobs, would we get to know new friends, how would our relationship be affected, what would it be like to live far away from family?

We let all those questions and the fear of the unknown hold us back from creating the life we really wanted.

Until one day, when we suddenly felt we’d had enough of indecisiveness.

We decided right there that it was time to make a decision.

We would either stay and buy a house where we were, or we would move across the country to create the life we really wanted.

And that was all it took!

We just needed to make a decision. Deep down we know what we really wanted.

Within a couple of months we had sold our apartment, my husband had a new job and we had found a house in our new coastal town.

That decision changed everything for us! It literally changed our whole lives.

My advice to myself back then, and to you right now, if you have a destination to make, is to stop living in indecisiveness.

Don’t let it go eight years before you make that decision!

Your time is precious.

Go through all the facts, feelings and thoughts that you’re having and decide to make a decision.

I’ll be here cheering you on! Rooting for you to create That Extraordinary Life you so deeply want and deserve!

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