Turn your passion into a skill

In this post I want to talk to you about how important it is to turn your passion into a skill!
Many women are asking them selves how to make a living from their passion. Our awareness of the fact that there are ways of working and providing for ourselves and our families are coming alive! We are starting to realize that there are different ways to make an income than we are used to. The typical 9-5 job is no longer the only way, no longer the only option.

But what are our options then?
How do we find that one genius business idea that will bring us the life we so desperately want?

My advice is to start with finding your passion! Turning to yourself and asking yourself what your passion is? What makes your heart sing? What is it that you can talk about for hours? What is important to you and what do you wish you could contribute with to this world?

When you have figured out what this big passion in your life is, it’s time to get really good at it! Because, lets be perfectly honest, just because we have a passion for something doesn’t automatically mean that we are extremely good at it. Sorry for being the one telling you this, if you feel like it’s harsh to hear.

In society today we are often encouraged to practice on the things we aren’t that good at. That is what we are told to “fix”. This will make us be more at the same level and make no one stand out very much. The truth is though that things that doesn’t come naturally to us, things that we have to fight with and practice on a lot, are very rarely the things we become extremely good at.
Of course we can learn these skills and often these things are very good skills to have and necessary to know to do well in life.

Take math for example. If you struggle with math you can still learn it and with the right mindset you can even manage to become quite good at it. Although you might not become a master in this field.

However, if you look at yourself and your natural skills and passions and decide to practice these things and become the top of the line in this particular field, you have a very big chance of succeeding!
You see, when we have a natural talent for something or have a big passion about a certain area – we are unstoppable!

This does not mean that just because you have a talent for teaching you should go out and start a business around this immediately.
What you should do is to learn everything possible about teaching! Now whether this is self-learning or taking a university course about teaching is totally up to you. But learn! Lear, learn, learn! Get your hands on every piece of information there is about your field and become the very best at what you love! This sets you up for huge success when you decide to start a business around this later on.

So, my advice is this – Find your passion and become the very best at it and you will be on your way to success!

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