Make that decision you have been putting off

You know that decision you’ve been holding off on making – It’s time!

It’s time to honor your dream and give yourself the gift of making a decision!

Five years ago my husband and I made a life changing decision of moving across the country to live by the ocean.

That was our dream. For eight whole years we dreamed about it without doing anything about it.

We knew what we wanted but we let all the mind drama about moving take over, which lead to not making any decision at all.

Instead, we kept dreaming of a different life but stayed where we were.

Until one day when we decided it was time to make a decision – either to stay where we were and be happy about it, or to go make our dream come true.

And Oh boy am I happy we made the choice to go for it!

Decisionmaking is SO powerful and YOU have the power to decide what you want your life to look like.

That thing you’ve been wanting to do, try or change, you get to decide if you’ll go for it or not!

It’s up to you.

Will you let the mind drama stop you or will you make a decision based on what you want for yourself and your life?

If you want my help to figure this out, send me an email and let’s talk more about it!

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