Changing your thoughts will get you the results you want!

Today I want to continue with the topic of how to get the results you want.

(If you have missed the previus posts about this, you can find the here and here.)

So, how do we deliberately change our thoughts about a circumstance?

So we established that our thoughts are what creates our feelings, our feelings are what drives our actions and our actions are what creates our results.

So, how do we change our thoughts about a circumstance if we want to have a different result?

Here’s the thing.

In order to change our thinking, we need to actually believe that this new though is true.

We can’t trick our brain into believing it’s true. We have to find evidence that it actually is true, and believing in that evidence.

To go from thinking that something is impossible directly to believing it’s totally doable is not very likely.

Therefore we need to ”bridge the gap”. We need to find something in between that we actually can believe.

How to do this, bridging the gap and finding evidence to support your new thought, is one of the things I’ll teach you when you sign up for my exclusive 1:1 coaching program!

You can find all the info about this program here on my webpage or just send me an email at and I’ll answer all your questions directly.

Cant wait to hear from you!

Love // Anna

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