How to find your Purpose

Finding your purpose. What does it even mean?
Finding your purpose or passion, or whatever we choose to call it, is about discovering what makes your heart sing! It is about finding that place of fulfillment where your values and passions are combined into a great business idea!
In this post, I will guide you through how you can find your purpose and how to turn that purpose or passion into your job!

I want to start with introducing this image that will help you understand how this is all connected.

So, we have What you love, What the world needs, What you’re good at and What you can get paid for. When we figure out all these four things and connect them, we find our passion and start living our purpose. We start feeling like we are in the right place and we feel fulfilled. And we all want that, right?

Let’s go through these four things a bit more thorough.
We’ll start with “What you love”. The purpose here is to discover what it is that you really love.
Take a moment to think this through. What makes you happy? What is it that you can talk about for hours? What do you feel passionate about?
Start to think these questions through and write down your answers. You don’t have to figure just one thing out from this. The more the better actually! That will make the last part of this easier.

Moving on to “What the world needs”. The questions to ask yourself here are; What do the people I want to reach need? What are the problems they face? What would make their lives easier?
Think this through and write down your answers. And again, try to come up with a lot of things!

The third part is “What you’re good at”. Now it´s time to figure out what your skills are.
What do you know a lot about? What are you good at doing? What knowledge do you have that you could contribute with to people around you?
Take a moment to brainstorm ideas and write down everything you come up with.

The last part is “What you can get paid for”. This is where it gets interesting, right?
When you look at what you love doing, what the world needs and what you are good at – try to think about what combination of these things you could turn into a job. What service or product could all of this lead up to? What of all this are things that people would be prepared to pay for?

When you combine all these things you will find your passion and can start living your purpose, by turning your passion into your job. When living your purpose, working with your passion, you will start experiencing being at the right place and living a fulfilled life!

If you want help figuring this out, reach out to me for a
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Ps: here you can read about what to do next, when you have found your purpose.

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